NOMAD Moonshots

This post details three "Moonshot" projects related to real-estate that the founder of NOMAD Living came up with, and would like tackle within our lifetimes. 

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ter·ra·form ‘terə,fôrm = transform (a planet) so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life.

Mars is currently a cold, radioactive wasteland. Yet, some seem to have as much hope that Mars will become our secondary (or necessary future) home, because we’ll surely “destroy” our own planet, than the possibility that we could reverse the destruction process of it. That’s ridiculous. One can’t have one without the other. That is why NOMAD Living wants to make “Terraformer Architecture” a real thing. Imagine a metropolis denser than Manhattan. Now imagine that as a land filled with hike-able trails, waterfalls, hills of green grass, birds and wildlife abundant throughout. Imagine a city that recycles CO2 and filters pollution (which kills millions of people each year, at a growing rate) naturally through vegetation. With a ‘passive solar’ approach to urban design, this could be the future of urban landscapes, and it’s a moonshot goal for NOMAD Living to make that happen. Terraforming has been, for the most part, considered a thing of science fiction. More recently, entrepreneurs have seriously discussed goals of terraforming other planets, such as Mars, to become hospitable for humans in the future. Some even think of this as a necessary step for survival; the future of the human race. Applying this concept to the Earth could be equally as intriguing. For the past decade at least, we’ve all heard doomsday scenarios played out on repeat - the planet is getting hotter, energy consumption is growing, and we’re ravaging more and more natural habitats till the ends of the earth (no, the earth is not flat, that’s a figure of speech).


This one is simple. The top floor of the parking deck is the least attractive floor. It takes forever to get up there, and it’s more susceptible to rain, pollen, dust, heat, whatever. Throw in a future with driverless cars, the top floor of parking decks are the least attractive piece of useless real-estate. HOWEVER - throw a neighborhood up there, and you’ve got something special. Beautiful views, a safe environment for children to play around, and a rock-solid foundation - Parking Deck Villages are just a no-brainer. (Yes, we’re currently seeking candidates!)


Pneumatic Tubing is nothing new. You know, those things that you used once at a bank drive-through, that sent your parents a pod containing their bank receipt when you were a kid? Decades ago, Prague used to send its postal mail via Pneumatic Tubing before the pipes flooded and became obsolete. When the founder of NOMAD Living built his first house, it blew his mind how “magical” the process of ‘regular’ pluming, or unlimited running water was when one really thinks about it. Five-thousand years ago, clean, running water (the most valuable yet abundant resource on the planet) would have been equivalent to printing money. Nowadays, we don’t give it a second thought. Now - imagine a faucet that, when you pulled the lever, food appeared. Or maybe life-saving medication during an emergency. Imagine ordering sushi for dinner via an app, and having it appear in a container within minutes in your apartment or house - and when your roommate has an allergic reaction to shellfish, an Epi-Pen appears less than a minute later. Applications for mail, food, bathroom, kitchen, and medical supply delivery are abundant. It’s the 3-D Internet - and we want to make that a real thing in our lifetimes

Zach Milburn