The First "Hotel" Financed via Crypto-Currency?

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 5.03.19 PM.png

The crypto-hype has died down quite a bit since BTC neared $20K, (and for good reason) but there are still real-world outlets for crypto-investing - specifically via the tokenization of assets, even in "boring" spaces such as real-estate.

We reached out to one crypto company, MyBit, which aims to enable anyone to directly invest "in the technologies of the future" by integrating Ethereum Smart Contracts into a platform that will allow us 'regular people' to invest in a variety of IoT products. Because most of us are 'regular people,' most of us don't even know that we can't legally invest, at least in the U.S. in many cases, in companies even with $500,000 dollars cash and no debt (you can thank the SEC for that one). Apparently, there are some arbitrary thresholds that the government decided make you worthy of making reasonable investment decisions. Hopefully, blockchain tech will offer a longer-term workaround to such two-tier society bullshit tactics, which is part of why we are interested in the MyBit platform. 

Our thought was that we potentially have a relevant fit with our "micro-hotel" project, which we intend to build multiple times around the world, assuming we integrate adequate IoT tech (and potentially something like AirBnb's API) that will allow investors to seamlessly monitor the success or otherwise of our business model in real time. 

They responded to our request with one of their own, which was to update them once we have a functioning prototype. We fully intend to do so. 

Stay tuned.

Zach Milburn